Production of prefabricated elements

We produce prefabricated elements from concrete and reinforcement.

Proizvodnja prefabrikovanih elemenata

Prefabricated AB elements We produce from concrete and reinforcement. In order to have complete control and continuous quality of concrete, we built a modern concrete factory in the factory circuit, intended exclusively for the production of prefabricated structures. The concrete-produced concrete is up to space with steel molds in which the reinforced circuits are already placed, over which control was performed before. Concrete installation in molds (formwork) is performed using formwork pneumatic vibrators. At the end of the installation of concrete in the formwork, the final processing of the upper surface of the concrete is done.

Twenty-four hours after the installation of concrete in the formwork and after achieving appropriate concrete strength, deceleration, extraction, storage and Care on the landfill. After the passage of the appropriate time period necessary for concrete to obtain the required properties, the transport of elements to the construction site is performed and their installation. During the entire production process on representative concrete samples, a laboratory testing of properties is performed.